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South Towne Exposition Center

9575 South State Street

The South Towne Exposition Center is centrally located in the heart of Salt Lake's residential community, providing easy access to visitors along the entire Wasatch Front. From free-on-site parking and large loading docks to individual hall concessions and meeting rooms, the South Towne Exposition Center makes hosting any event easier and more effective than ever. 


Duke Speer

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Comparable to larger big-box convention centers. Typical high ceilings, concrete floors and many pipe and drape configurations. Nine smaller breakout rooms are more comfortable but have terrible lighting options for speakers in front of groups. Either all-on or outer-ring low lighting that leaves speaker in shadows. If they just would hang a podium spotlight from one of the light sockets aimed to offset the LCD screen as a default setup, these rooms would be great. Concessionaire has exclusive contract but food quality is good and items are surprisingly inexpensive. Easy walk to Joe's Crab Shack & Mexican. Easy, usually free parking - outdoor lot, no shade, so hot cars in summer.

Jamie Cummings

Friday, June 8, 2018
Nice looking building, spacious, clean. But lots of issues from a convention perspective. Few outlets in the rooms to keep electronics powered. Screenes and projectors on the floor or small tables. If you're in the back it's hard to see. Avoided some classes I wanted to attend because they were in a large hall, no microphones, with bad lighting making it hard to read presentations. Keynotes were held in the same hall and sound quality was poor. Venue needs work to facilitate a good convention.

Paula Best

Monday, April 23, 2018
I had a great time with my daughter and best friend. The experience would have been even more enjoyable had the adults been able to win prizes and not just the kids. We were only able to attend on Saturday, and every time one of us tried to stand on a number, a child beat us there. I have no problem with their attendance, however, I was under the assumption they would be WITH THEIR PARENT!

Robert Wallenmeyer

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018
The Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy,UT is always exciting and fun! Our family has been to the Auto show and we just love it! You get to sit in brand new up to par different Auto vehicles of various manufactures and check out the different features they have and they let you go for a test drive. They also have cool things there to check out and buy! They give you free bags of an auto manufacture to put samples in them etc. as well. There's a lot of other exhibits and shows to check out and see as well as have fun like the RV show it was so awesome!

Jeremy Gallimore

Saturday, March 24, 2018
We went to the gun show at this expo center. I remember working at Joe's Crab shack watching them build this place and thinking how great it would be for business in this area. I've been coming to expo's here for a while and it's always easy to park. I'm not a huge fan that they're blocking off the parking structure at the restaurant's and charging for parking here. I think if your eating at the restaurants here they should be able to valadate your parking so it's not taking away business from these places.

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