The 10 Best Places for Dessert in Utah!

No meal is complete without dessert, and Utah has a rich tradition of indulging the sweet tooth. In the mood for impeccably-prepared tiramisu? We’ve got it. How about buttermilk pie? Look no further. These 10 spots are some of the state’s best when it comes to dessert!

The Chocolate, Orem, UT

The Chocolate does one thing and one thing only: dessert. But this isn’t really a bakery—it’s more of a dessert café. So if you’ve eaten out or at home for dinner, heading to the Chocolate gives you the chance to experience something new. People love this place, and it isn’t just because of its homey vibes and amazing cakes. If you go, you have to try their “Cazookie,” a gooey sheet cookie baked in a round tin and topped with vanilla ice cream that everyone can dig into together.

Gourmandise, Salt Lake City, UT

Although Gourmandise labels itself as a bakery, it is a bakery and a café, meaning that you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner here and conveniently follow it up with a delicious dessert. Gourmandise is one of Salt Lake City’s most popular spots, and once you try one of their pastries, you’ll see why.

Settebello, Salt Lake City, UT

Settebello is Neapolitan pizza at its most tempting. And how could you eat pizza without having gelato afterwards? Luckily, Settebello’s sister establishment (Capo Gelateria) is just next door. Choose between mint cookies & cream, stracciatella, crema baci, chocolate, tiramisu, and Nutella-flavored gelatos.

Kneaders Bakery and Café, Multiple locations

Kneaders has undergone incredible expansion over the past few years, but it started out as a neighborhood favorite in Provo, Utah. Similar to Gourmandise in its bakery/café model, the restaurant is a nice place to grab salad, soup, and sandwiches with friends, and then to share a few pastries over continued conversation.

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Magleby’s Fresh, Lindon and Provo, UT

Magleby’s Fresh is a restaurant that can please all different types of eaters, from adventurous to picky. And it’s pretty much guaranteed that everyone will be happy to stay around for dessert after dinner. Magleby’s is most famous for its rich chocolate cake, but for those who are not chocolate lovers, the restaurant also serves incredible lemon cake, carrot cake, and warm buttermilk pie with raspberries and fresh whipped cream.

Station 22 Café, Provo, UT

Station 22 Café is a hip restaurant in downtown Provo that serves up Americana-inspired dishes. This encompasses everything from burgers to poutine to fried chicken with waffles. The restaurant’s dessert menu is also well worth checking out. Their deep-fried cookie dough (served with Rockwell’s vanilla ice cream) is to die for, and their root beer floats will you feeling satisfied without overwhelming you.

Bruges Waffles & Frites, Provo and Salt Lake City, UT

Despite what its name might connote, Bruges Waffles & Frites doesn’t necessarily invite you to eat waffles and fries together (though you can!). This restaurant specializes in Belgian delicacies, from liège waffles to sausages and delicious fries. You can eat both dinner and dessert here, or just one or the other. But dessert really is where Bruges shines. Indulge in the “Waffle Monster,” a “Torpedo Waffle,” or even a “Pig on a Cloud,” which consists of a waffle covered in crème fraîche, bacon bits, and caramel drizzle.

Cravings Bistro, Pleasant Grove, UT

Cravings Bistro is the sister restaurant to the famous “Cravings—Alisha’s Cupcakes.” Both owned by the same sisters, Cravings Bistro is famous for its grilled cheese sandwiches, its Monte Cristo sandwich, and its tomato soup. Cravings—Alisha’s Cupcakes, on the other hand, won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” a few years back and continues to serve up delicious cupcakes. The best part of this duo? The bakery and bistro are located side-by-side in downtown American Fork, meaning that you can get the best of sweet and savory in one visit.

Taste 117, Provo, UT

Taste is for chocolate lovers, pure and simple. You can come to Taste for a chocolate, oil, and vinegar tasting, or you can come for a small meal and dessert. If all you want is an expensive bar of gourmet dark chocolate, you can come to Taste for that too. My recommendation? Try Taste’s Croque Monsieur, and follow it with either a tasting, or a dessert known as “S’more Taste Style,” which is essentially a gourmet take on campfire favorites.

The Dodo Restaurant, Salt Lake City, UT

Located in the always-hip Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City, the Dodo is a nice and reliable bistro that serves up fresh and satisfying food. But even if you come just for dinner, it will be hard to resist the restaurant’s desserts, and namely, the restaurant’s state-famous “Toll House Pie.” This pie is exactly what it sounds like: an upgraded Toll House chocolate chip cookie transformed into the pie of your dreams.

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