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Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum
1835 Convention Center Drive Suite B

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum, and the Rosenbruch Foundation in Saint George Utah. It is a new world class facility of over 25,000 sq. ft. allowing visitors to experience over 300 species of wildlife throughout the world in their natural habitat. Nearly a quarter mile of mountain pathway (suitable for handicap access) winds its way through the plains of Africa, the forests of North America, and the mountains of Asia.

A two story mountain with two live waterfalls, over 50 hidden speakers providing ambient sounds of different animals, periodic thunder and lightning storms, provide an experience to be remembered.

Each person is provided a personal radio for narration during their journey describing the various animals with personal experiences from around the world by the Rosenbruch Family.

Nearly every large mammal of the world has been collected by the Rosenbruch Family over the past 40-years. All animals were legally hunted which have provided substantial revenue for protecting animal habitat and anti-poaching for third world countries.

Some species may no longer exist in countries like the Sudan of Africa that has been embroiled in Civil War for over 20-years. Other countries in Central Asia are increasingly difficult to access due to political problems.

We are committed to educate the public of the history and contribution that managed sport hunting provides for governments to provide protection for critical habitat and management of their wildlife resources.

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