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Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs
8215 Utah 38

History :

Crystal Hot Springs, originally named Madsen Hot Springs, was used by the Native Americans as a campsite during the winter. Located along the Northern part of the Wasatch Mountain range, it provided a natural windbreak from the bitter winter winds. The hot springs also provided a much needed heating source. It is rumored that an Indian burial ground is located on the premises.

As the Transcontinental Railroad was being built, the Chinese railroad workers learned of the hot springs, made tubs out of cedar wood and allowed the refreshing waters to flow into them. This provided a relaxing and muscle-soothing mineral bath for them. Soon the area around the hot springs became occupied with more and more settlers. With their coming, the hot springs grew in popularity.

Around this period of growth, Abraham Hunsaker, a local bee keeper, was instrumental in establishing the town of Honeyville. According to some of the locals' memories and recollections, the town was originally called "Hunsakerville". But Abraham was a humble man and asked that it be given another name. In honor, then, of Abraham's profession, it was renamed "Honeyville."

Crystal Hot Springs became a business enterprise in 1901. Because of its exceptional crystal clear waters, it is not surprising it was given this name. Crystal Hot Springs' uniqueness derives from the fact that it has a hot spring and a cold spring which come together within 50 feet of each other. By mixing the water temperatures from each spring, they create optimal relaxing conditions in each of the pools. These wonderful healthful waters offer families, campers, and guests year round enjoyment.

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