7 Best Places for Mac and Cheese in Utah!

Who says mac and cheese is just for kids? Any reasonable adult knows that mac and cheese is a delight for all ages. And while mac and cheese reigns more supreme in some states than in others, Utah has a pretty good handle on the creamy stuff that we all crave way more than we like to admit. Here are the best places for mac and cheese in Utah. 

Station 22 Café, Provo, UT

A rustic, soda-pop loving restaurant in downtown Provo, Station 22 Café serves up a ton of southern-inspired favorites. One of the restaurant’s most famous is the “Grown-Up Mac and Cheese” which features a combination of cheddar, Monterey jack, and asiago cheeses. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even add pulled pork to your mac. 

Cubby’s, Multiple locations

Cubby’s has taken Utah by storm with its “famous Chicago beef” and flawlessly dressed salads. And while it’s technically a side, the restaurant’s mac and cheese comes in three sizes and features a considerable helping of macaroni with melted cheddar and gouda. All of this is then topped with crispy, homemade bread crumbs. 

George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub, St. George, UT

A dining staple in southern Utah, George’s Corner Restaurant has a massive menu. And unbeknownst to many, its mac and cheese is hidden amongst plenty of other tempting sides. Some describe this mac and cheese as the mac and cheese of their dreams.

Ruth’s Diner, Salt Lake City, UT

Located up the lovely Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City, Ruth’s Diner is a tradition for many Utah families. And if you love mac and cheese and mountain views, this place is soon to become your own family tradition. Selling deep-fried mac and cheese (with a marinara dipping sauce) as an appetizer and baked mac and cheese as a dinner entrée, Ruth’s Diner has a near monopoly on mac and cheese lovers’ hearts. 

Eva’s Bakery, Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City’s Eva’s Bakery is famous for its blue, French-inspired exterior and baked goods. The restaurant’s lunch menu, however, features a carbonara mac and cheese that should be a staple for all Salt Lake City residents. 

180 Tacos, Provo, UT

180 Tacos is not your average taco shop. Case in point: they sell mac and cheese. But this is not just any mac and cheese. This is chimichurri mac and cheese: a crunchy and delightfully flavorful concoction that mixes South American flavors with a traditional American dish. 

D.U.B.’s BBQ, St. George, UT

Mac and cheese is always a good accompaniment to barbeque. D.U.B.’s BBQ has banked on this premise, serving mac and cheese as a side to its famous barbecue. This mac and cheese isn’t nearly as gourmet as the other options on this list, but if you’re looking for something reminiscent of the mac and cheese you likely ate as a kid, this is your place. 

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