The 10 Best CrossFit Gyms in Utah!

When you think about CrossFit, you probably think of incredibly strong individuals—the kind of people for whom washboard abs are not just a pipe dream, but an enviable reality. While this is partly true, it is also false that CrossFit is only for the fittest for the fit. CrossFit is for everyone willing to put in the work. Sign up at one of these 10 awesome CrossFit gyms in Utah. 

1. Generator CrossFit, Provo, UT

Generator CrossFit is a traditional CrossFit gym started by two passionate, CrossFit athletes with plenty of experience in strength training, conditioning, and coaching. The gym’s coaching staff is diverse, each member coming from a unique fitness background. But Generator CrossFit and its coaches would not be the same without the gym’s vibrant community of gym-goers which, over the years, has become more or less like a welcoming, nonjudgmental family. 

2. Provo CrossFit, Provo, UT

Another CrossFit gym in Provo, the aptly named Provo CrossFit has a simple mission: “create supportive communities that hold each other accountable and recognize when progress happens.” This gym believes that CrossFit—a challenging combination of interval training and weightlifting—is one of the best ways to empower the individual to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. To catalyze the personal achievements of its community, Provo CrossFit stresses the importance of the relationships gym-goers have with its coaches, all of whom provide motivation and insight for gym members who rely on their expertise. 

3. Wasatch CrossFit, Layton, UT

Wasatch CrossFit was the 120th CrossFit gym to open in the United States (there are now about 11,000 CrossFit gyms across the country). Although Wasatch CrossFit is definitely an elite training center, it is also a solid option for beginners, or for those who are interested in other classes and services the gym has to offer, such as “On-Ramp,” CrossFit Endurance, Olympic Lifting, Yoga, Athletic Development, and personal training. 

4. CrossFit Vitruvius, Provo, UT

CrossFit Vitruvius is a large gym with neighborhood vibes that sees CrossFit less as an activity for elite athletes, but as a time and cost effective way to get fit. CrossFit Vitruvious makes it especially easy to get started, seeing that you can come into the gym during a scheduled class time to talk with one of the trainers, who can then help you figure out which free trial sessions would be best for your current fitness level.  

5. Ute CrossFit, Salt Lake City, UT

What sets Ute CrossFit apart from other CrossFit gyms in Utah is its free, weekly “workout of the day.” Yes, the gym offers a free class every week in hopes that you’ll join, but also to contribute to the vibrancy of the SLC community. If you do decide to start training at Ute CrossFit, the gym also has a special class for CrossFit beginners called “Elements.” The class consists of three one-on-one sessions led by one of the gym’s expert coaches, who will help you feel at home with both the workouts and the structure of the gym itself.    

6. Tekton CrossFit, Murray, UT

A 7,000-square-foot warehouse dedicated solely to the art of CrossFit, Tekton CrossFit in Murray combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity cardio to make some killer workouts. At Tekton, it is unlikely you will ever become bored—the workouts are tailored to always keep you breathing heavy and on your toes. What’s better? It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll see results.   

7. Viking CrossFit and CrossFit Lindon, Lindon, UT

Conveniently located in the middle of Utah Valley, Viking CrossFit and CrossFit Lindon (which have merged together) services a wide range of CrossFitters, from newbies to veterans and CrossFit coaches. With free, open workouts on Saturday mornings, the gym welcomes people of all fitness levels to experiment with the nation’s most popular evidence-based fitness program. This gym makes everyone feel at home, because absolutely no one is unwelcome. 

8. CrossFit O.U.R, Draper, UT

CrossFit O.U.R. (or “Operation Underground Railroad”) has a unique premise: a portion of all membership fees go toward rescuing children from sex trafficking. In this way, the gym exists not only to invigorate and exhaust its members, but to bring awareness to a devastating and systemic societal problem. Not only does CrossFit O.U.R’s influence extend beyond the gym through its activism, but it also provides members with the opportunity to develop important life and fitness skills through member-specific seminars and lectures. 

9. Put it Up CrossFit, Orem, UT

Put it Up CrossFit is about as low-key as a CrossFit gym can get. This does not mean the gym’s workouts are not as difficult as those of other Utah gyms, but that Put it Up CrossFit recognizes that CrossFit (and fitness in general) is meant to accent life, and not to dominate it. The gym’s philosophies are made manifest through their flexible policies. Newcomers to the gym have three free, intro workouts, 2–6 personal training sessions at $20 per person, and different memberships depending on how long your schedule permits you to be a member. For those uninterested in month commitments, gym punch passes are also available. 

10. CrossFit South Valley, Riverton, UT

For those worried about “bulking up,” or gaining too much muscle through CrossFit, this gym is for you. At CrossFit South Valley, the workouts are all about what is right for your body and fitness goals. And although CrossFit workouts will most likely do nothing but tone your muscles (your diet, and plenty of protein supplements are what will change the composition of your body), the coaches at CrossFit South Valley will help to settle your fears and teach you the best ways to challenge and fuel your body. 

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