10 Best Taekwondo Studios in Utah!

Ready to start your fitness and self-defense journey? Check out these 10 Taekwondo studios in Utah. From North Salt Lake to Orem, you can find the place to practice Taekwondo and stay fit. Begin your regimen today and discover why Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Jeon's World Martial Arts, North Salt Lake, UT

Jeon's World Martial Arts is the place to learn Taekwondo and build confidence. Students practice respect, self-discipline, and personal responsibility with every kick. All students are tested based on their abilities and make improvements that they can be proud of. Plus, a dedicated student of over three years can attest to the program's excellence. Come to Jeon's World Martial Arts to hit your goals and have a great time.

Twin Tigers Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts, West Jordan, UT

Twin Tigers Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts is the destination for all your taekwondo needs. Get the finest of traditional martial arts instruction from professional teachers. You can learn the ancient art of taekwondo and become a master in no time.

U.S. Taekwondo, Draper, UT

U.S. Taekwondo, Draper, UT U.S. Taekwondo provides an opportunity that few others can offer—the chance to become a martial arts dynamo in a lovely environment. With their commitment to injury prevention and character development, they are the cream of the crop for individuals looking to refine their Taekwondo skills in Draper.

National Academy Taekwondo U.S.A., West Jordan, UT

The National Academy Taekwondo U.S.A. is the place to be for those looking to become brilliant. With broad training in self-defense, discipline, and traditional Korean martial arts, you can rapidly become a taekwondo leader there.

Family Taekwondo, South Jordan, UT

Discover the place to train in Taekwondo for the entire family with Family Taekwondo in South Jordan. Parents and children can learn together in a safe and stress-free environment, and as they strengthen their bodies and interpersonal relationships, they can truly transform. Don't miss the chance to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being with Family Taekwondo.

Pace Academy Taekwondo, Salt Lake City, UT

Pace Academy Taekwondo, Salt Lake City, UT You can find much more than swift, calculated movements at Pace Academy Taekwondo. You will be fully trained to refine and uplift your character to reach your purest potential. You won't believe the metamorphosis that their program inspires.

Taekwondo Academy Jessica Melendez, Taylorsville, UT

Taekwondo Academy Jessica Melendez is the place to learn martial arts. Run by a passionate teacher, the academy promises to help students grow and find their true selves. With Jessica's dedication to the art of taekwondo, it is no wonder why Taekwondo Academy is regarded as the finest.

Shiba Taekwondo, Clearfield, UT

Shiba Taekwondo is the destination for those looking to master the ancient martial art of Taekwondo. Students will gain invaluable skills and understanding, leaving each class better than when they arrived. Come to Shiba Taekwondo and find a side of yourself you never knew existed.

Master Lee's World Class Taekwondo, Clinton, UT

Master Lee's World Class Taekwondo, Clinton, UT Visit Master Lee's World Class Taekwondo and learn the ancient art of this practice. Located in Clinton, this premier dojang has programs for all ages, from tiny little tigers to adults, so that the whole family can have a ball. Push yourself, learn this respected martial art from its masters, and enjoy the grandness of Taekwondo.

Amy's Martial Arts, Orem, UT

Amy's Martial Arts in Orem offers a training venture for anyone interested in Taekwondo. Get ready for the most incredible martial arts in Utah with classes for the whole family. Everyone can find a great fit with their various programs, from beginners to experts.

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