The 10 Best Apple Orchards in Utah!

The onslaught of early-autumn produce is nearly sacred for Utahans, who look forward to fresh peaches, zucchini, pumpkins, and raspberries all summer long. Utah grows delicious apples of all different varieties. Purchasing apples from local orchards (whether it be for pie, salads, snacking, or warm applesauce) has to be one of autumn’s top highlights. So if the thought also piques your fancy, here are some of the best apple orchards in the Beehive State. 

1. Allred Orchards, Provo, UT

When you say “apple” or “peach,” most Provo residents immediately think of Allred Orchards. While the orchards themselves are located just east of Payson, the always bustling fruit stand where you can buy their produce is located on Canyon Road in Provo. And the fruit is not just good, it’s great. Some might say it’s perfect. 

2. Paradise Valley Orchard, Paradise, UT

Paradise Valley Orchard really is a slice of paradise, and especially so when you find yourself biting into one of the orchard’s crisp apples. There is something quaint about this orchard that makes it perfect for a sunny afternoon in early fall or even a charming wedding reception. 

3. Manning Orchards, Kaysville, UT

According to many Northern Utah residents, Manning Orchards has the best peaches and apples in the state. Low prices only make the fruit taste better. The orchard is also a markedly popular spot for engagement photo shoots, so don’t be surprised if you see cute young couples strolling in the area. 

4. McMullin Orchards, Payson, UT

McMullin Orchards has 900 acres of prime fruit growing terrain to their name, making it one of Utah’s largest orchards. Started in 1927, the orchards have only grown over the past 80 years. Selling sweet cherries, tart cherries, peaches, nectarines, pluots, pears, and (of course) apples, McMullin Orchards are proud of their rich and delicious heritage, and are keen on sharing a piece of it with whoever comes their way. 

5. Crandall’s Fruit Farm, Orem, UT

Established in 1887, Crandall’s Fruit Farm is a cornerstone of Orem’s heritage. In fact, Orem used to be made up solely of orchards (well, almost) until it became more of a residential area. Crandall’s Fruit Farm sells peaches, apples (Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Jonathan), as well as Bartlett pears. Depending on the season, Crandall’s also sells raspberries, pumpkins, honey, and tomatoes. 

6. Farnsworth Farms, Sandy, UT

Hidden away in Sandy (just south of Salt Lake City), Farnsworth Farms grows organic, non-sprayed peaches, apples, pears, red potatoes, peppers, onions, and other produce. You can’t visit Farnsworth Farms without being tempted to buy more apples than you have room for and their sweet, golden elixir: unpasteurized apple cider. 

7. Day Farms, Layton, UT

Day Farms revolves around a simple motto, “Quality produce at an affordable price.” With two different stands in Layton, Day Farms has become the area’s go-to for the best Utah’s harvest has to offer. Sometimes, you can even go to the actual farm and pick your own apples, in addition to other types of produce. 

8. Zollinger Fruit & Tree Farm, Logan, UT

With a name like Zollinger, this orchard is pretty unforgettable. Located on the east bench of Cache County, the orchard has been around since William Zollinger purchased the land in 1904. The orchard has been run by the Zollinger family ever since. Zollinger Fruit & Tree Farm is home to 80 varieties of ornamental and fruit trees. Notwithstanding, the orchard’s specialty is apples (and their delicious apple cider). 

9. Sweet Pea Farm & Orchard, Parowan, UT

Quite different from the larger, more commercial farms, Sweet Pea Farm & Orchard is a small, three-acre sustainable farm in Parowan. So what does it mean to be sustainable? Essentially, Sweet Pea Farm & Orchard is focused on organic, heirloom varieties and environmental sustainability. If you want apples from this small orchard, you’ll likely have to live near the orchard because it is technically a CSA, which you can read more about on their website. 

10. Pyne Farms, Payson, UT

Still run by its original owners, Pyne Farms is obsessed with growing the perfectly crisp, juicy apple of your dreams. Their apples are used in Utah Valley restaurants and sold at farmer’s markets. In fact, this last year, they took first place in eight different categories at the Utah State Fair. 

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