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Great Basin Museum

Great Basin Museum
45 West Main Street

The Great Basin Museum has many fine exhibits of pioneer memorabilia, early western farm equipment, and pioneer home artifacts from the area. It also presents an excellent history of western Utah's mining methods and tools, and has many interesting illustrations.

The museum features samples of many exotic rocks, minerals, metals, and gems that played a role in the development of the west desert including a comprehensive, unique exhibit of the local Beryllium industry. -One item on display that weighs about 7 lbs., would weigh over 21 lbs. if it were made of iron.

The historic progress of early communications in the area is on display, featuring telephone equipment. The fine collection of pioneer farming artifacts shows a world-famous irrigation system that was developed in Utah and is still in use.

The museum is becoming well known for its historical highlights of the state of Utah. One of the historical highlights on display at the museum is the plaque from the Gunnison Massacre Site. While the historic marker is still located at the massacre site, the plaque is now on display at the museum due to vandalism.

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