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Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery

351 West Center Street

Mission Statement

The Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery mission is to provide dynamic and varied visual arts experiences for the people of southern Utah. The gallery mounts educational exhibits throughout the year, offers programs related to its exhibitions, preserves and collects fine art, and serves as a resource center for the visual arts on the SUU campus and in Cedar City and the surrounding communities.

Vision Statement

The Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery will be nationally recognized as an outstanding regional university museum and gallery through its dynamic exhibition programming and outstanding educational programs.


Jacob Thompson

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
SUU was a great school for my first two years of college. After I got my Associate's Degree, that's where things went down hill. They cared about my success only as long as it made them look good. After suggesting outside-the-box projects for Honors coursework, many of the professors weren't interested in helping me out because My thoughts were too "unconventional". My thought was, "The reason why I chose SUU is because "Learning Lives Forever". All of my professors were encouraging me to think out-of-the-box. Things didn't seem to match up. My Majors were Spanish and French. I studied abroad, but there were no programs that offered semester stays while taking coursework in French or Spanish. This since has changed, but my grades did not change over properly and it was a huge hassle with the Department chairs to get the coursework into the SUU system in appropriate course labels. While going for career advice, the advisors were ignorant as to help me with a future career. Many of the career councilors and professors were trying to steer me toward teaching, but I later found out, after taking a bit of their advice, that teaching wasn't for me. Even though I would express my concerns, the staff would state that teaching was the only respectable thing I could do given the circumstances. Really? There is more to life than teaching. Overall, the more and more I stayed at SUU, the more apparent it became that it is merely a teacher and coaching factory, with narrow-minded individuals trying to impose their ideals on others. After graduating from there, I would say that you should go to another institution for your university education.

Claudia Winn

Monday, July 23, 2018
Great school great city great teaching staff

James Spainhower

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Of the seven universities or colleges I attended, Southern Utah University was, by far, the ideal school for quality of education at an affordable price.

Trevor McGlochlin

Friday, Dec. 22, 2017
Loved my experience here. Faculty was very passionate about their subjects and very interested in helping students succeed. One of the few colleges in the nation that gives you high quality education for a good price. My major was psychology. I earned a BA.

Cale' DeLaura

Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018
Hands down the most unorganized and unprofessional school I've ever encountered! Heaven forbid you bring anything to their attention cause they will deny all responsibility for their mistakes. They are notorious for being focused on being paid and not rectifying issues with being able to register for classes. Be prepared for zero support from the registrar or cashier's office as they are completely incompetent and have no sense of the fact that you are their customer. In fact if you get slightly annoyed of their incompetence a manager may ever HANG UP ON YOU! This school is a joke, the prices go up and the quality goes down. Have fun trying to get an education surrounded by uneducated administration.

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