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Beaver Mountain

Beaver Mountain
40000 East Highway 89

History :

Beaver Mountain has progressed much in all the years and has been and is still completely family owned. With the passing of his father, Ted Seeholzer, Harold's second son, became the General Manager of Beaver Mountain. Ted's wife, Marge, worked in the ticket office full time and handled all ticket sales. Loyal, Ted's brother, contributed all his spare time and effort to the cause. He was responsible for bookkeeping and payroll, and was the president of the family corporation. Elaine, Loyal's wife, kept the ski report current and worked part time in the ski shop. Dixie, Ted's sister, and her husband Reed Schiffman, worked in the ski shop, along with Nancy Lauritzen, Harold's youngest daughter.

The summer of 1997 brought big changes to Beaver Mountain. The ski area was sold to Ted and Marge Seeholzer as sole owners of the company with hopes and plans to bring daughter Annette West and husband Jeff, sons Travis and Corey, and Travis' wife Kristy into the operation.

Ted does everything from go with the early crew at 5 a.m. every morning to the mountain to sell hamburgers or ski tickets, whichever needs him most. He is over all the employees and has the last say on the volunteer ski patrol of over 85 people and a ski school of about 60 people. He cleans toilets and unplugs them; he plows parking lots and grooms snow. He also personally oversees every check written out and signs them.

Marge works very closely with him. She manages the ticket office and is in charge of all ticket sales. She also makes marketing decisions and does all advertising and ski reports. She is in charge of keeping the downtown office going although she is at the mountain most of the time. We have two or three secretaries in the downtown office. Travis and Corey, run the night ski business. There are two-way radios at the mountain, the down town office, as well as at the home of Marge & Ted. Phone lines were brought to the mountain in the summer of 1999 but the radio remains the main communication source for the mountain. Son-in-law, Jeff West, is the Hill Manager and does every single job at the resort. He keeps everything and everyone going.

Midway through the 1998 ski season, the boss finally decided it was a good idea to let snow boards on Little Beaver, day and night, and the first Boarder-Cross Race was held on Little Beaver. This has become an annual traditional along with skier crosses and the Big Air contest held on closing day of the season.

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