The 9 Best Hot Dog Joints in Utah!

From those 100 percent beef hot dogs to franks topped with jalapenos, Utah’s hot dog joints offer a flavor storm to satiate that ever-familiar hot dog craving. Is your mouth watering yet? Good news! Here are the 10 best hot dog joints in Utah. 

1. Redhot, Salt Lake City, UT

Making up for Salt Lake City’s virtual hot dog void, Redhot reports to being the first restaurant in Utah to serve gourmet hot dogs. While most hot dogs’ content can seem a bit fishy, Redhot’s dogs are made of 100 percent American Kobe beef. Veggie dogs and Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are also available, along with Redhot’s famous fresh-squeezed lemonade. 

2. J-Dawg’s, Multiple locations

Starting as a scrappy shack on the periphery of Provo’s Brigham Young University campus, J-Dawg’s has since taken Utah by storm. With your choice of Polish or beef, the dogs are fresh and flavorful. Toppings include banana peppers, chopped onions, perfectly prepared dill pickles, jalapeños. The cherry on top? J-Dawg’s signature sauce, which is sweet, but not too sweet. 

3. Johnniebeefs, Cottonwood Heights, UT

Started in 2007, the owners of Johnniebeefs had the mission of bringing a taste of Chicago to the Beehive State. First in Midvale but now in Cottonwood Heights, the shop serves 100 percent beef hot dogs, Italian beef, bratwurst, and meatball sandwiches. And while the food is definitely worth your dollars, the diner ambience is equally deserving. 

4. Dog Haus, Sandy, UT

Offering classic hot dogs in addition to more gourmet, unexpected pairings, Dog Haus is perfect for some gastronomical adventure in the name of American tradition. The joint’s specialty dogs include the “Sooo Cali” with wild arugula, spicy basil aioli, crispy onions, avocado, and tomato, as well as the “Free Bird,” featuring a turkey dog with avocado, ranch, smoked bacon, and tomato. 

5. One Hot Grill, St. George, UT

One Hot Grill is the perfect place if you want a hot dog, your wife wants a sandwich, and your brother wants a burger. Maybe you secretly want all three! One Hot Grill also serves salads, so no one is left wanting. With hot dogs named after U.S. cities according to their respective flavors, One Hot Grill truly is all-American. 

6. That Hot Dog Place, Ogden & Roy, UT

Boasting meat that comes from small, locally owned farms, That Hot Dog Place doesn’t believe in meat that is full of hormones and antibiotics. With homemade buns made on the daily and sodas made with real sugar, you know their frozen custard with caramel topping is destined to be delicious. 

7. Sabor de Tucson, Provo, UT

A booth at the Provo Farmers Market, Sabor de Tucson isn’t open all year round, and when it is open, it’s only open in the afternoon. That said, Sabor de Tucson’s unique dogs make for a fantastic and memorable summer lunch. An all-beef hot dog that is wrapped in bacon and cooked until crisp is then placed on a bed of pinto beans and placed in a soft, Mexican roll. Toppings include onion, tomato, mustard, special mayo, salsa verde and jalapeños. A cold, creamy horchata makes for the perfect accompanying beverage. 

8. Sportz Dogs Food Truck, Utah Valley, UT

Similar to J-Dawg’s, Sportz Dogs Food Truck offers your choice of Polish or beef, but this time they are served on a hot scone with a series of available specialty sauces and toppings. 

9. Dexter’s Dogs, Salt Lake City, UT

Although Dexter’s Dogs is oft forgotten in the wake of Utah’s largest mall’s food court, its patrons are always pleasantly surprised. With a small menu and fresh, simple ingredients, Dexter’s Dogs is considered by some to be one of the hidden gems of downtown Salt Lake. 

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